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Monday, 6 December 2010

Flying High at RAF Brize Norton

Friday 3rd December saw The Tribute Show's Legend Show perform at RAF Brize Norton, an event organized by the lovely ladies at Langford Productions….and what a night it was!
As you would expect, military functions are grand affairs that need to be meticulously organized. There are several things that need to be taken into account such as security passes, timings and of course a selection of entertainment that will suit the occasion and of course the audience. Typically, a military function will run from 7pm in the evening until 6 or 7 am the next day with a ‘Champaign Breakfast’. Get it wrong and the night will fizzle out long before it sees the light of day, get it right and people will stay the distance making it a very memorable night worthy of the people in our Armed Forces.

For the Sergeants Mess Christmas Ball at RAF Brize Norton, Langford Productions had a clear idea of what was required with just the right balance of entertainment to suit the varied clientele. Over 500 people needed to be entertained between two rooms from 9:30pm to 6:00am, and the girls at Langford certainly delivered.

Both rooms each had a live band, a solo tribute and a disco which was scheduled so there was always something going on. In the larger of the rooms were The Tribute Show, a Cher Tribute by Joanna Burns and DJ Disco Dave who performed to the early hours. In the conservatory saw another live band, another disco and the fantastic Max Hutton who performed a tribute to Michael Bublé. It’s not often I give out praise but Max Hutton’s Michael Bublé tribute was brilliant. It’s rare to see a tribute that has really studied every aspect of an artiste. Every element was there from the look, the mannerisms, the chat between songs and not forgetting the unmistakable voice.

Needless to say the whole night was a total success with the majority of the audience staying the distance and who can blame them with so much entertainment? As the girls at Langford say…. “You can’t buy experience”....and they cerianly have an abundance of that so give them a call.

Here’s what Andrew (Wiggy) Wainman had to say about The Tribute Show:

“What can I say about The Tribute Show. UTTERLY BRILLIANT. A fantastic show, full of energy and excitement. A wonderful group of individuals, each incredibly talented, combining to put on a highly charged, totally professional and utterly first class performance. They stole the show with their awesome renditions of Freddie Mercury, Prince, Robbie Williams, Lulu, Ray Charles, Blondie and many many more. ABSOLUTELY SUPERB. Not only are they all musically incredible, they are also a really nice bunch. Nothing is too much trouble, timings are not a problem and they know how to please an audience. A packed dance floor makes for a great night and The Tribute Show can deliver.”

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